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"Having spent several days on the set of the original show, sketching the cast members prior to doing the graphic novels, I can tell you - for sure - that your Vincent cosplay is the very best I've ever seen.  You've even managed to make yourself look like Ron Perlman in his appliances.  Your wig really is perfect; Ron's was shaggy like that.  What was so spooky is that the closer you got to Ron in full makeup, the more seamless it looked.  David Greenlee (Mouse)  told me the first time he acted with Ron he was so weirded out, he needed to be told exactly where the appliances ended and Ron began.  Your makeup is just as impressive."


-quoted from the amazing Wendy Pini


Beauty and the Beast: Of Love and Hope

Beauty and the Beast: Night of Beauty

November 24, 2013
Louisiana Renaissance Festival

Hammond, LA



E V E N T S​

*VintageBeast is in no way affiliated with Ron Koslow, Ron Perlman, or with the television series "Beauty and the Beast." 

VintageBeast exists for entertainment tribute purposes alone.

Words By Wendy Pini About VintageBeast
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